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Yoga classes &
health coaching 

Image by Brooke Lark

Hatha Yoga 

I am currently teaching:

Saturday morning at Shalford Village Hall

9am - 10am


I love to weave the seasons of the year into my yoga teachings and combine mindful movement, breath work and a good dose of strengthening and core work into each class!


Health coaching

What is Health Coaching?


I can support you to become healthier and more energised with an improved sense of overall wellbeing and vitality through good nutrition, movement, and mindfulness practices.

We can put the spring back in your step so that you feel motivated to live your life in a healthier way by creating sustainable new lasting habits that stick, along with positive lifestyle changes.

You will feel empowered by listening to your body, you will become in charge of your own health and wellness and feel self-confident in your lifestyle choices that will help you feel happy, healthy and balanced!



Corporate & Private  classes



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