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My Homebirth story

By lauragould, Jun 3 2017 07:18AM

My Homebirth story

It was Thursday 28th May 2015, I was 10 days overdue.

My homebirth midwife Sam was coming around about 1.30pm to do the checks, and to do my 3rd sweep. When she came round, we arranged to book me into the Royal Surrey hospital on Tuesday for induction if I had not given birth by then as I would be at 42 weeks by that day.

My baby was not in optimal position for birth – the midwives said it wasn’t an issue, but labour may be more uncomfortable (she was back to back they thought) and may take longer.

She did her checks on the baby, all was fine, and so I went ahead with the 3rd sweep, and as she was leaving my house she mentioned that if I went into labour today/tonight she wouldn’t have to go to work tomorrow (at the hospital) as she would come to my birth.

After she had left, it was a nice warm day, so I went out for a walk, and could feel some slightly achy period-type pains. When I returned from my walk, the aches were still there, and so I started to think this may be the early stages of labour….!

I remembered what the midwives had said – if you think you are in early stages of labour, don’t get all excited and stay up waiting!!, eat some wholesome food and get some sleep! So, I waited for my husband to arrive home about 5.30pm, and cooked us a huge bowl of wholemeal pasta (it was huge!) I ate the LOT, rested on the sofa with a hot water bottle on my belly for a while, then headed up to bed about 7.30pm with a fresh hot water bottle, listened to my hypno birthing again, and drifted off to sleep….

My husband came to bed about midnight (silly man!) at which point I woke up, and was tossing and turning for a while, and the achy feeling in my lower belly had become a bit too strong to sleep anymore, so I got up about 1.30am. I watched a bit of TV, and then called my midwife Sam to let her know I was definitely in labour (so she didn’t have to go to work on Friday!) and that I would call her again soon.

I woke my husband Ryan up about 2am (only 2 hours sleep for him!) as I wanted the company, and was feeling a bit nervous, excited, not sure what! We sat and watched a funny film, then he ran me a lovely warm bath, put some candles in the bathroom, and I relaxed in the warm water which was bliss…..

This must have been about 3.30am I think, and my labour aches were getting a bit stronger and I felt I needed my hot water bottle so I got out of the bath, and dressed in something really comfortable, and headed downstairs to join Ryan and get another hot water bottle (we had 2 on the go – so I could always have a hot one!) and we put some more comedy on the TV, and monitored my labour surges for a bit. By about 4am, Ryan called Sam to let her know my labour surges were getting stronger, he told her the frequency of them, and she said everything is fine, and to call her back when I needed her. I was feeling ok, breathing through each surge, and was kneeling on pillows by the sofa, with a hot water bottle on my lower belly the whole time, which seemed to be my comfortable spot – I didn’t really want to move anywhere else. I was breathing in through my nose, and blowing air out through my mouth during each surge, which helped me settle into a rhythm, then resting, or cuddling Ryan in between the surges. Ryan made sure I always had a hot water bottle, and was offering me water, and coconut water (although I didn’t really want much of it)

About 5.30am ish, I asked Ryan to call Sam again – I really wanted her to be with us now. I had been using my deep breathing, and I think we had put the TENS machine on my back by this point, which definitely helped, but I felt I needed the support of Sam now and I also knew she had the gas and air!.

I was still in the same position, in a wide kneeling position on pillows, by the sofa (which had more pillows on it) so I had made a kind of nest for myself.

Sam arrived about 7am ish, and she bought the gas and air in with her, and by this point I was on my hands and knees breathing through my surges (Sam later told me I was in transition at this point) and making quite a bit of noise with it! It was that ‘primal energy’ within me that was coming out, and the more I let noise out with each exhale, the better it felt – it was like a release with each surge. I had my hypno birthing CD playing through the TV, but I don’t think any of us could hear it at that point!

Sam offered me the gas and air, which I gladly took it as I knew it would bring some relief during my surges. I then began to get a good steady rhythm of resting in between each surge, and using the gas and air during the surge. I felt like I instantly calmed as Sam came through my front door, she was such a wonderfully calm and caring midwife, I was so glad to have her by my side.

About 7.30am ish, she asked me if I wanted to get into the birthing pool (which had been sitting in my house for 6 weeks now!) it wasn’t filled with water, but Ryan could do that fairly quickly, but I wasn’t keen on moving away from my nest by the sofa…..or having to leave my hot water bottle behind - I was completely attached to it! Sam said I could take the gas & air with me, so then I was ok about trying out the pool.

Sam & Ryan filled up the birthing pool, and I continued on with the gas and air, and had already got through one whole canister. The 2nd midwife Deana turned up with more gas and air, and at some point around 8am they encourage me into the pool, I had lost all inhibition by this point and just stripped off, walked through my dining room and stepped into the pool – it was heaven!! At 39 degrees – it was like a really warm bath, and the pool is quite deep, so it really was such a wonderful feeling… There is a little seat inside the pool, but I chose to immediately move onto my knees the same as I was before, and hung my arms over the side of the pool so I could use the gas and air.

Ryan, Sam & Deana all sat at my kitchen table a few feet away, I have no idea what they were doing or talking about as I was completely in the zone of fully established labour. After a short while of being in the pool, my body was telling me to ‘push’ I told the midwives, and they said ‘go with whatever your body is telling you to do’. They seemed very relaxed about it all!

The only checks they had done on me during this whole time is using the monitor on my belly to check baby’s heart rate at regular intervals, and using a mirror to check how dilated I was, but no physical examinations at all – she could also see as my baby’s head was crowning that she turned into optimal position during labour!!

After a while Deana told me that I needed to push, so I tried, (but I think I was probably feeling a bit scared so I didn’t really push much).

Then she told me she would take the gas & air away if I didn’t push as I was using the gas & air instead of pushing! In my deep state of labour – I think I told Deana that she couldn’t take it way from me, and that ‘I was very strong’ ha ha!! (basically threatening the midwive with my strength!) I think that spurred me on to push as I wasn’t going to let anyone take my gas and air, (onto the 4th canister now) and not long after that, with a big push – my baby’s head was born! The next surge seemed to take a while, but when it came I had to push again so I could birth my baby’s body, it all happened quite quickly, one of the midwives then bought my baby up to me, I turned around so I could sit on the seat in the pool and hold my baby girl…..

I had done it.

I really couldn’t believe it!

There was my tiny little baby girl, all red and crying a bit, weighing 7lbs7oz.

It was just so wonderful & amazing, and I think I was still in a state of shock!

She was born at 9.39am.

I stayed in the pool to allow my placenta to be born naturally, and around 20 minutes later that happened. Ryan was then holding our baby girl (she was nameless for 2 days!) and the midwives then got me to my sofa in the lounge all wrapped up, and I then cuddled my baby again while they checked me over after the birth.

They stayed and helped me figure out breastfeeding, helped show me how to latch her on properly, and once she had fed, she was passed to Ryan while I got showered, into nice clean pyjamas, had some much needed tea & toast and then Ryan & I and new baby girl were left on our own to enjoy time as a new family as the midwives headed off around midday (after cleaning up, sorting out the pool, and helping us – they were literally amazing!1)

The midwives were absolutely wonderful, they were so supportive, calm, and helped make my labour and birth such a wonderful experience at home. They came back to check on us about 5pm that day, we were both awake, having spent most of the time staring at this beautiful precious little being that we had created – it was the most surreal but magical day of my life………….x

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